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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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wanted $10 million, but public defender matt gonzalez told the court in all likelihood the shooting was accidental. >> very likely that this was an accidental shooting. there is no motive whatsoever for this defendant to have caused any harm to the deceased. >> reporter: outside the courtroom, deputy d.a. alex bastion wouldn't go into details of why sanchez is being charged with murder just that it's appropriate. >> we have charged this case as murder. and we do so based on the evidence. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has come under a lot of criticism for releasing sanchez from jail last april. the sheriff says he was just following the city's sanctuary city policy and not contacting i.c.e. today the sheriff showed us a memo he wrote in march, instructing deputies to stop calling i.c.e. on their own, in violation of the city's law. >> there had been a practice that we had learned of that had been going on for some years.
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>> reporter: coming up we'll hear more about what was going on behind the sheriff's back and why the deputies were doing it. that's the story we're working on for 6:00. reporting from the hall of justice, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> thanks mark. the san francisco police officers association issued a strong statement about kate steinle's murder today, saying quote, bottom line as a young innocent woman has been murdered in cold blood in front of her father, by a five-time deported illegal alien/drug dealer and he was where he belonged mexico this innocent victim would still be alive. senator dianne feinstein also weighing in urged the city to take part in the priority enforcement program. it's immigration enforcement focused on convicted criminals. she said i strongly believe an undocumented individual convicted of multiple felonies and with a detainer request from i.c.e. should not have been released. we should focus on deporting convicted criminals, not setting them loose on our streets. our coverage continues online at
5:02 pm just click on the top story box for the latest on this case including a long and detailed list of the suspect's criminal record. just into our newsroom. the family of a south bay 19-year-old shot and killed by pleasanton police over the weekend are taking legal action. officers say they found john deming acting erratically, but the family wants to know why police had to use lethal force. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is live in pleasanton where the police are saying and police are saying he was violent toward that officer. >> reporter: that's right. 19-year-old john deming jr. was from san jose. he was on his way this past weekend to visit his father in oakdale when for some reason he stopped off in pleasanton and had this fatal run-in with police. it all happened around 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. very early in the early morning hours, police were called responding to a burglar alarm that went off along first street in pleasanton at the specialty sales classic car shop. police say they found deming inside the building jumping
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across car tops refusing police orders to come out. then threw a floor jack that at one description weighed 50 pounds another description weighed 90 pounds according to police. the police officers were not struck with the floor jack. police department then saw him leave through a back window presumably the one they think he entered. and then got into a scuffle with police when the shooting happened. however, deming's father refutes the police account of what happened. >> i've never seen him do any drugs. i've never heard about him doing drugs. no. he was on the football team. he was a vegetarian. he was very concern canned about what he put in his body. >> yesterday, the police department said that john jr. was standing outside of the building and today apparently in the new press release he's standing inside the building. yesterday, the injuries of the officer involved in the shooting were minor. today apparently there are major
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injuries. >> reporter: deming who played football in san jose for san jose's piedmont hills high school, was tasered, according to police at least twice. then was still fighting with the officer when the officer drew his weapon and fired not once but twice at the young man. then a third time while the young man and the officer were fighting. this was a battle with police officer daniel kunkel. >> at that moment where he felt he was going unconscious, he had no choice at that point, but to use the last resource he had available. >> reporter: pleasanton police just had a news conference to tell their side of the story, so to speak. and it follows a very detailed account of what happened. some seven paragraphs today, more so than most police departments issue during incidents. right now alameda county coroner is evaluating the remains, a toxicology report is forthcoming. we are told that it should be available within three or four weeks.
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reporting live in pleasanton, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, chuck. a brush fire came close to school in danville. the first reports of that fire came at around 11:00 this morning. crews battled the blaze on hills south of sycamore valley park. it charred about 30 acres in a half hour. now this is how close it came to sycamore valley elementary school on holbrook drive. you can see the burnt part of the hill there. fire crews were able to stop the fire's progress before it got near the school or any homes were damaged. now what sparked the blaze is still unknown at this time. a massive shutdown is coming to b.a.r.t. that will affect commuters traveling between the east bay and san francisco. more crews will shut down train service between the west oakland and embarcadero b.a.r.t. stations. this is happening august 1st and 2nd and labor day weekend from september 5 to 7. this is happening so crews can rebuild and place specific rails near the transbay tube. they allow trains to switch tracks when b.a.r.t. needs to
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shift to one-track service. they have been out of service for a while. >> it's absolutely essential to b.a.r.t. being able to continue to provide safe and reliable train service between oakland and the east bay and san francisco. >> people should avoid accumulating on those five specific days. b.a.r.t. will provide bus bridges for people who need to get across but riders should plan for delays up to two hours. now a live picture of highway 1 and 101 in palo alto moving during the rush hour. recent road work is going to further complicate this commute. starting tonight the traffic could linger well into the night. caltrans has announced lane closures between university and embarcadero that will affect drivers this entire week. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live from east palo alto with the tails for us. michelle. >> reporter: if we're going to be out and about this week on 101, certainly this will affect you. right now things already slow as they're approaching palo alto
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bottlenecking there. one lane is already down and again two more lanes will be closing this week and caltrans says work needs to be done and they're hoping overnight closures won't affect quite as many people. many commuters who pass through palo alto agree on one thing. >> lately it's looking horrible because of the changes on the freeway. >> reporter:el caltrans is rebuilding above the san francisco creek. the $18 million project will rebuild the aging bridge to prevent creek flooding. >> i'm probably going to have to look for a different route. >> reporter: for the last month, 101 between university and embarcadero has been down a lane each direction. during the overnight hours this week, the southbound side will be gown another two lanes through palo alto and the university off-ramp will close this weekend overnight. >> literally all our main avenues are shut down. >> reporter: she lives in east palo alto. she says the only time she can get to the grocery store in mountain view in less than 30 minutes is after the evening
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commute. now she's worried that plan will back fire with even more lane closures starting at 9:00 tonight. >> we won't be able to get food until the weekend. >> reporter: but the entire project isn't expected to be completed until december of 2017. >> we're just stuck. >> reporter: the two southbound lanes will close at 9:00 tonight and open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. we do have all the details on our website, reporting live in east palo alto michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. california's so-called right to die bill stalled today amid fierce opposition from the group. they abandoned efforts hours ahead of a group in a state assembly health committee. the measure called for allowing doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to term alley ill patients. the term alley ill bay area woman ended her life in november after moving to oregon one of
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four states where doctors can prescribe life-ending drugs. the racketeering trial for former chinatown gang leader has been set for this november. ciao will stand trial for allegedly running a crime organization with links to former state senator leland yee. they face charges that range from money laundering to drugs and weapons trafficking. four other defendants including yee, pleaded guilty and are waiting sentencing. subway suspended its relationship with long-time spokesperson jared fogel after fbi agents raided his home today as part of a child porn investigation. agents took electronics from his indiana home to be analyzed. the search could be related to the arrest of fogel's charitable foundation executive director after child porn was found inside his home. the foundation battles childhood obesity. fogel has been detained but not arrested. and reaction is pouring in
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after a stunning admission in a statement -- court statement by comedian bill cosby. in court documents made public yesterday, cosby admitted to drugging one woman for sex. those comments made during a 2005 deposition. coming up tonight at 5:30 on "nightly news," you'll hear from one of cosby's alleged victims. now to greece today. the country's prime minister was given until sunday to come up with a detailed plan to pay its debts or face bankruptcy. greece's leader met with his eurozone partners today. he only offered vague proposals but said he would back it up with real figures and a written plan tomorrow. that frustrated eurozone leaders. they have given greece until the end of the week to reach a bailout agreement with its creditors. despite greece's trouble, stocks ended the day higher despite an earlier loss in the day. the dow climbed 93 points s&p climbed 12 and the nasdaq up 5
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points. we're going to take you where the jobs are. coming up i'm scott budman. we'll take you inside a tech company that's hiring, and bring you a one-on-one interview exclusively with a member of the obama administration. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. gusty fog returning back here to san francisco with winds as high as 28 miles per hour. we're tracking the fog and we're also tracking a big change that could bring thunderstorms across mt. diablo and the rest of the bay area. we'll have details in 15 minutes. then at 6:00 two men storm into a south bay home and hold a 10-year-old girl at gunpoint. >> for somebody to put a child into that position that's really heartless. now we're learning how the robbers got inside the house. that's new at 6:00.
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drivers and tourists may have drivers and tourists may have noticed something a little bizarre at one of the bay area's biggest landmarks today. if you look closely, you will see an inspector rappelling from the gold en gate bridge. what's he doing? looking for potential problems. jodi hernandez spent the day checking out the high-rise maneuver. what exactly are they looking for? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, it is something.
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tourists obviously come from all over the world to see the icon. but those visiting the golden gate bridge are getting an even bigger treat. >> definitely one of the sights we really wanted to see coming to san francisco. you can't come here and not see the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: tourists visiting are getting even more than they dreamed. >> look at this. it's -- he's hanging vertically. it's amazing. >> reporter: dangling from the san francisco icon high above the bay. specially trained engineers are performing some death defying operations. >> it looks like a trapeze act. the guy on the ropes, that is. >> these are high-flying, smart operators out there dangling from ropes off the golden gate bridge. an incredible sight. >> for the first time, they have had the higher rope certified engineers to to up-close inspections of critical steal beams that are tough to reach.
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>> so if they were to fracture and ultimately break, it could mean a portion of the bridge would collapse. so these rope teams have come in to make sure that all of those sections are in good condition. >> we're looking for corrosion, fatigue cracks and anything that could affect the structural integrity. >> reporter: it's important work, and those lucky enough to watch say they're impressed. >> the idea of hanging off the bridge looks pretty scary. i think they must have nerves of steel. >> reporter: and the impressive inspections will continue for the next several weeks through the month of july. i'll tell you, it's not just the tourists who are impressed and having a good time watching it all. the inspectors are also enjoying themselves too. we'll hear from them tonight at 6:00. reporting live from the golden gate bridge i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. you better prepare for delays. that's the message for drivers as crews prepare to close doyle drive, the access road to the
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golden gate bridge. doyle drive will be closed in both directions start agent 10:00 thursday night so crews can can work on the new parkway. that will open to the public at 5:00 on monday morning. drivers are being told to take the bay bridge as an alternate route instead. a new office means new job opportunities. the south bay company had hire workers to fill its facility and doesn't just need tech workers. scott budman is live at the company's new facility to tell us more. scott. >> reporter: well, yeah jessica. here in milpitas flex electronics will be hiring to staff its innovation center which opened earlier today with a blessing from washington. >> certain light will turn on. maybe these will be at a certain dim level. >> reporter: it's build for startups. but this new incubator at mill milpitas milpitas-based flex electronics hosted by u.s. commerce secretary, kenny prits ger who says washington loves the job growth in silicon valley.
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>> there's an enormous amount of energy and excitement about innovation here. >> all these things are meant to be real-time. >> reporter: the new center is here to encourage innovation and they're hiring to fill it. music to the ears of washington politicians. >> this is the kind of thing necessary for our country to remain innovative and that's critical for us to stay competitive. >> reporter: this data center will track business all over the globe. the company says it's hiring in design engineering and manufacturing. >> as the world becomes more connected, as it becomes more digitized, as more and more products become electrified, very often a lot of those innovations are occurring right here in silicon valley. and we have had continuous increase in jobs as a result of it. >> reporter: new buildings, new jobs and a very influential person stopping by on day one. that big wall by the way,
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extremes data live from all over the world. we'll take a closer look at it for you tonight at 6:00. reporting live in milpitas, scott budman nbc bay area news. >> okay we'll see you then. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's been smooth sailing, but you see changes ahead. >> we definitely do. that area of low pressure we have been tracking the past 48 hours is nearly stationary offshore. but the thing about this storm system, it's pulling in a decent amount of moisture. as we look at the water vapor satellite, it shows the moisture in the mid levels of the atmosphere and you can see a good rung here of moisture on the back side of this counterclockwise spin. eventually some of that coming our way to increase that chance of thunderstorms. let's take you outside of the sky camera network now, and it feels like the ac is on compared to the temperature trend over the past ten days. you're looking good back here towards the north bay. currently 77 degrees, and mix of some sun and clouds. we'll take you to the north bay, and this is really what dealt with. you have had the fog way towards
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san francisco, and also some high clouds streaming in. that's coming in with that storm system offshore. beginning to show a few impacts. in the south bay, little to nothing in the way of cloud cover, at least when we look at los gatos, a beautiful shot from our underground cam. green leaves and towards the distance nothing but blue sky. how about tomorrow morning? are we going to start clear? let's look here. and you're going to be able to see as we begin the early morning hours, 6:00 7:00 8:00 typical low clouds and fog back. temperatures widespread in the 50s with isolated drizzle possible in the peninsula and also san francisco. our biggest change on the micro climates as we head through wednesday will be cooling by about 2 to 5 degrees. it will be noticeable and also high clouds continuing to stream across. this will leave us with 77 in san jose. down towards the peninsula heading to the coast, drizzle will stay put in pacifica with areas of fog, only a bit of sunshine and 63. palo alto, 75. san francisco, you get those 60s if you're headed there for a
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business meeting, you're going to need that jacket with you. all right. let's take you to the north bay, east bay and also the tri valley. comfortable weather here across danville. 80 degrees for wednesday. i'll go with 78 in pleasanton and notice the north bay, isolated isolated isolated risk of thunderstorms in santa rosa and 76. that's the best shot on wednesday. i think the large erchance of any thunderstorms continually in the forecast models is for thursday. as our storm system pulls south, monsoonal moisture flowing up. unfortunately, no big rainfall totals for us. you can see the trend is the same as we saw yesterday. 1 to 2 inches from reading to tahoe for the bay area trace amounts to maybe .500s of an inch. a two-sided coin here. the other problem would be any lightning strikes. that could spark some wildfires for us. as we look ahead at the weekend weather trend, some more good news here. we have taken numbers down a
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little bit for places like the tri valley. we'll have 85 on saturday and then 87 as we head throughout sunday. ladies? >> okay thank you very much jeff. car thieves love california. we've got the prove coming up. plus the value of property in san francisco is soaring. we're adding up the multibillion-dollar increase. and facebook ceo's touching tribute to her late husband and the new position she's taking to help grow his online company.
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the motorcyclist who crashed into pedestrians in downtown san francisco is now the motorcyclist who crashed into pedestrians in downtown san francisco is facing dui charges. one person died another pedestrian suffered serious injuries. police say sean mcginnis was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of the crash. he's also facing vehicular manslaughter charges. california tops the list we don't want to brag about. the most vehicle thefts in the country. texas came in second florida third. the annual rankings are compiled by the national highway traffic administration. the feds say thieves are most active in july and august. and the cars they most target the dodge charger, the mitsubishi galant and cadillac
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sts. facebook's ceo sheryl sandberg is taking a seat on the board of survey company, the company of her late husband, dave goldberg. today survey monkey announced a former hp exec as its new ceo. sandberg said she looks forward to helping, quote, realize dave's vision of building a lasting company that will impact the way we all do business for years to come. well we all know it is expensive to live in san francisco, but new data shows the city's real estate is getting even pricier. city officials say property values in san francisco increased by $11.7 billion, compared to last fiscal year. that's a 6% jump. more than 200,000 properties in the city were appraised just this year with most of them going up for sale. leading by example. during the drought, san leandro firefighters rushed to save water from going down a drain.
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the crew was headed from a fire when they spotted water going down the drain so they borrowed buckets and shovels and scooped the water on to the lawns of nearby homes. once water department workers shut down the pipe firefighters were back on their way. back in a moment with a big california celebration in honor of the ladies of soccer.
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celebrating a big win. the women's world cup champions joined thousands of soccer fans celebrating a big win, the women's world cup champions join
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thousands at a victory rally in l.a. today. >> we won the world cup, baby! >> yes, they did. abby wambach and teammates made their first public appearance since the victory over japan. it is the third championship for the u.s. women since 1999. next up the team is in a parade in new york city on friday and next month, they're going to head out across the country on a ten-game victory tour. >> hopefully after that they all get raises which is what they deserve. >> yeah. >> awesome. great. >> the weather was great today. a lily foggy and cleared. >> tomorrow is better especially if you were hot last week. the fog is the reason why. the fog line moving right through, beautiful shot tonight. as we head through tomorrow morning, we'll see clouds return with widespread 50s from the south bay to san francisco. and also some patchy drizzle again right down the peninsula. we'll have more on your thunderstorm chance for tomorrow or thursday rather coming up
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at 6:00 p.m. >> thanks so much. that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" is next and we'll be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. tonight, mid-air tragedy. a military fighter jet collides with a cessna in the sky as horrified witnesses watch debris rain down on a neighborhood. what went wrong? could he face charges? that bombshell admission by bill cosby admitting he got drugs to use on women he wanted to be with. tonight a former prosecutor who investigated him says it could lead to new legal trouble. hooked on heroin. the shocking new face of this epidemic. a spike in the number of american women using and dying. and moment of crisis. an ice cave suddenly gives way with adventurers trapped inside. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york,


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